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Many of us have favorite farmers markets, farms and artisan products
and producers.  The producer of this web site, Kimberly Hughes, just
returned from a first trip to Cape Cod, for example, addicted to chocolate covered cranberries-and with the place from which she can order them.  And I just found a small farm in Homestead, Florida that grows heirloom tomatoes and can ship them at peak.

We want to build a list of the products, sources, and people behind them and share that with you.  We are particularly interested in foods and food products that are so small scale in production that they don't appear on the shelves of gourmet markets throughout the country and will probably never surface at a fancy food fair.  They need to be delicious, transportable and/or shippable and available through direct contact From the Source without an intermediary.  If they are part of a fancy catalogue they are probably not for us.

Please use this form to send us your "finds"--favorite farmers markets, farms and artisan producers-as well as artisan food events and ideas for ways we can help build and support the sustainable agriculture and slow food movements.  We reserve the right to edit and confirm the information.  If all is positive, and not simply self-serving hype and advertising, we will post them to an appropriate place and use the information to help the movement.


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